The Giving Pajama Trend Continues….

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Thank you Tara Daly and friends for these PJ’s!!

Over the weekend a friend of mine named Tara had a ladies craft night and she asked everyone to bring a pair of pajamas for Corrie’s Pajama drive. They not only had a fun night of crafting but collected a table full of pj’s to give to kids in the hospital.

As Tara was sharing about Corrie and how she had the rare liver disease Biliary Atresia, one of the mom’s said she too had the same liver disease as a baby and she was 30 when she finally got her liver transplant. That mom is doing great and has even gone on to have twin girls.

How’s that for a miracle story and a cool connection.

When the pajama drive started I never anticipated the overwhelming amount of support friends from all over the U.S. would give. I never imagined all the cool stories we would get to hear as well as a result of this form of giving.

Each pair of PJ’s may not seem like much to you, but each pair represents a child and a family who are fighting a battle most will never have to face.


Each pair will bring a smile to a little boy or girl and a mom or dad who need some encouragement for the day.

Each pair of pajama’s will bring hope to the hurting and courage to the fearful. As of today 1/22/19, we have collected 354 pairs of pajamas. That’s 354 little kids who won’t have to wear the hospital gowns provided but instead will get to wear some new PJs during their hospital stay.

There is still time for you to join in on this giving trend and donate a pair or more of PJ’s to Corrie’s Pajama Drive.
Her goal is to give away 700 PJ’s and we are getting closer and closer to that goal.

You can either send PJ’s to Corrie Eavenson at 225 Point Rd. Seneca, SC 29672
Or if you are a Tampa local you can send them to 16122 Vanderbilt Dr. Odessa, FL 33556.

You can also Venmo me @Elizabeth-Eavenson or Paypal @

Thank you, friends and family, for your generous support in giving back.

Paige (Corrie’s Mom)

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