Corrie’s Story

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Corrie's Story

Corrie is our 4th child and she was born on January 24th, 2013. She seemed perfect — for almost exactly 8 weeks. Then our lives were turned upside down, in a matter of minutes, at a routine wellness visit to the doctor.

At the wellness visit, the doctor was concerned with her jaundice and requested blood work. Within 12 hours of that wellness visit, Corrie was in a hospital operating room receiving an emergency life-saving surgery due to a rare childhood liver disease called Biliary Atresia.

Her gall blatter was removed and they re-routed her small intestines so that bile could drain from her liver. They told us that there was a 95% chance that this was not a permanent fix for her condition and that she would most likely need a liver transplant.

The following two years were spent in and out of hospitals. Every fever required an emergency room visit and a minimum stay of 48 hours. Twice we were told, “she might not make it through the night”. Sometimes Corrie’s “visits” lasted weeks. She spent almost 18 of her first 26 months of life in hospitals in Atlanta and Tampa.

Corrie was placed on the transplant list shortly before her 2nd birthday and on February 5th 2015, we got the call. There was a match. Corrie got her new liver and a new lease on life.

Today, Corrie is a thriving young girl. She plays sports, creates art, and is a bundle of energy and joy. Though she will always have to take medication, and she will always be susceptible to other issues like skin cancer and kidney failure, she is a miracle and a living reminder of God’s healing power and faithfulness.

This is Corrie’s Story. It’s not over. New chapters are written every day. God is continuing to do amazing things through Corrie and her story. We hope that you will choose to be part of it and make a difference in the world!

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